Pendred DNA Project

Oxford Ancestors Professor Brian Sykes MA PhD DSc is chairman and professor of Human Genetics at Oxford Ancestors.

Beginning in 2000 in Professor Sykes university laboratory at Oxford, his research into mitochondrial DNA and the genetics of human evolution has been widely reported. This showed, among other things that almost everyone in Europe was maternally descended from one of seven female ancestors out of Africa.

Following the publication of his book ‘The Seven Daughters of Eve’ in 2001 the demand from members of the public for DNA tests soon outstripped the capacity of the laboratory and the company.

Now incorporated as an official University of Oxford ‘spin-off’, moved into purpose-built premises in Littlemore, just south of Oxford, England.

One of their Genealogy services is the ‘Surname Project’. This is DNA analysis based determination of 15-digit Y Clan signature for use as an aid to genealogical research. Includes comparative table of results  and interpretation of the data.

Based on minimum order batches of four at around £150 each     

    5 - 10     members     £        each

    11 - 20    members     £       each

    21 - 30    members     £       each

This PENDRED ‘Surname Project’ once started, will anonymously identify by reference number when members last shared an ancestor with other Pendred’s who have joined the project and had their DNA referenced.

Only the file administrator Christopher Pendred and Oxford Ancestors would be able to put a name to the number by unanimous consent of the members concerned.

Christopher Pendred had his DNA read by Oxford Ancestors in 2005. This is the map that he received and the route that his ‘Oisin’ group took out of Africa over 45,000 years ago, before crossing into what was to become the island of Britain when sea levels rose as the ice melted at the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago.