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To E-mail the PENDRED family history web site:-

We will respond. Invitations to join the PENDRED DNA project.

Help and information about PENDRED and Pendred lines can be supplied. We can also put you in contact with a professional family historian who specialises in the Pendred family.

If your paternal father was a PENDRED and you would like to register as a member of the Pendred Family History Society, e-mail with details of your family, family history, family stories and contact details.

If you would like to register as a member or friend of the Pendred Family History Society e-mail with details of your interest, family connections and contact details.

This web site has a number of levels, accessible only by unique password. Depending on status members can access personal information relating to family history records of various branches of our family.

Memorabilia such as mounted and notated colour photographs of the PENDRED coin via the British museum, personal details of PENDRED’s passed and e-mail contact to other Pendreds via the website.

PENDRED Friends memorabilia.

This is a non-profit making society devoted to and designed to provide PENDRED’s and friends interested in PENDRED family history with a forum to exchange information to build a better understanding of our past.

We have produced a few items that can be purchased a nominal cost by registered PENDRED Friends. These are:-

Ref: PM-1    Notated mounts printed white and grey on matt black that can be

                      used when framing a prints of the PENDRED coin bought through

                      the society or directly from the British Museum in London.

Photographic prints.

The British Museum in London can supply high quality prints of the Pendred coin. We are not authorised to publish their contact details on this website. Please e-mail us at and we will send you contact details so that you can request a photograph of the PENDRED coin ref:1962, 0313.1  (copyright the trustees of the British museum).

The PENDRED coin


A coin of King Offa. Produced by the moneyer PENDRED in the mid to late 9th century

© the Trustees of the British Museum.